Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Favorites

We got to hang out with Jilly while her mom and sisters were at girl's was a hair raising experience!
Who farted?
Christian decided to buzz his hair off. It's better for doing the GQ smolder.
Daddy's (no so) little girls
Erick and his girlfriend, Shiloh. She is definitely the stronger of the two.
Christian and his cuz, Maddie.
The ones who started it all.
Pat is the neighborhood jungle gym. This was not posed. His kids are always hanging on him.
Jodi and Pat...This coming Thursday, they will become Mr. and Mrs.

Miles' smile makes me smile.
Cousins are the best.
These two are also the same age.
And these two.
When Gabe saw this photo he admitted that he had wanted to do the same thing. That head is like a magnet.

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