Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Duel in the Desert

Somehow Christian convinced us that we needed to travel BACK down to St. George for the second weekend in a row so he could play in a tennis tournament. And I am so glad he did. Between the beautiful weather (mid 70's), the fact that we got to be all together as a family (Brittney came this time), and getting to watch my son give his all doing something he loves, it was an absolutely beautiful weekend.
Spectators...(just a note...Gabe is truly the only one Brittney would even let crowd her personal space like that). I loved watching these two this weekend. Gabe worships his older sister and she in turn adores him. She humored Gabe and played tennis with him. I could hear her telling him how good he'd gotten and how she was going to have to pull out all of her "killer tennis moves." Gabe was beaming with pride.
Christian's first match didn't go so well. Could have had something to do with the fact that he had been up late the night before for FBLA, then rolled out of the car after a 5 hour drive and tried to play without having even swung a racket for days.
His second was a doubles match that was much more fun. He looked like he remembered how to play tennis.
This is Quinn. They had never met before their doubles match. They were a great team and very supportive of each other. I love watching my boy be a team player.

How well do you think it would go over if I reminded him to watch the ball?

Chatting with his opponent on day 2. Boys can do that.
Gabe spent most of the weekend trying to juggle the soccer ball. He also spent much of the weekend chasing the soccer ball. I spent a lot of the weekend telling him to juggle the ball somewhere else. (away from me and other tennis spectators)

These were not the most comfy seats. Hailee's bony bum needs some extra cushioning.