Friday, November 4, 2011

Called to Serve

It was Thursday morning. Mom had just landed in California to visit Kelli when her phone rang. It was Dad. "It's here," he said. "It just arrived."
We had all cleared our calendars to be at mom and dad's the night before in anticipation of receiving and opening their mission call. Calls most typically arrive on Wednesday, we were told. When the envelope from church headquarters was not found admist the gas bill and grocery store circulars on Wednesday, we all assumed that mom would be back in plenty of time to open it when it arrived the following week.
So now what? For both parents, waiting for 4 days to open it together was not an option. Dad suggested he open it right then and read it to mom over the phone. Thankfully, he was able to contain his excitement long enough to hatch a better plan. One that we could all be a part of. They would open it Sunday night-together-over skype. Dad took the call to his Bishop who opened it, faxed a copy to Kelli's husband, Brandt, in California and both promptly placed the unread calls back in envelopes.
I arrived 5 minutes later than the arranged time that next Sunday. Never have I been so sorry to be late. It was clear that that envelpe was begging to be opened and dad was oh so anxious to oblige!

Not only did we have Mom on skype, but Kelli and her excited family and Hailee and Kate at their apartment in Provo.

Jodi acted as scribe, recording everyone's "guesses" as to where they would be called. Because of their military service all across the world-including the Orient and the deep south-"Japan" and "Georgia" were guessed more than once.
(Dad begins tearing open the envelope..)
Unable to hold him off one second longer he begins to read: "Dear Elder Plummer....
Mom joined in in California: "Dear Sister Plummer..... are hereby called to serve... the Washington D.C. South mission...
...Your primary assignment will be to serve on the Quantico Marine Base as military specialists."
Privately mom and dad had shared their impressions and thoughts with each other prior to opening their call. Both knew that this was where the Lord wanted them to serve.
My parents depart for the MTC tomorrow morning. Living away from my parents is not new to me. Much of my early married life was spent thousands of miles apart. But it is new to me right now-at this stage of my life. I am experiencing a large range of emotion as they prepare to depart. But overriding all is my gratitude for their faith and example.
Christian is always on hand to make sure things don't get too sappy. He has Jilly in California check to see if he has any cavities.
What began as a dissapointment that the call arrived after mom's departure to be with Kelli became a "tender mercy." How grateful I am for the blessing of technology and mission calls to unite this family.

Every WITCH way!

WoW! It certainly feels like that is the general direction we have been moving lately. Not a straight path but every which way...
We flew in (and not by broom as some may think) the night before Halloween. Canceling the annual family get together was NOT an option. I just love it too much. Besides...I needed an excuse to get the crew together. Lucky for me, Caleb and Sophie still think it's cool to go to Aunt Lori's. Every year I think, "Is this the year they decide it would be more fun to trick-or-treat with friends?"

Sophie is a bat. Bats fly.
Prettiest bat I've ever seen.

Even Jodi got in on the act this year. Firewoman? I think she said something about how Pat always wanted to be a fireman?

I just love Caleb's poses.
DoNut you know that donuts and cider go beautifully together?
It's possible that making donuts was a very bad idea. Most of us went to bed feeling very sick. Not from too much candy but way too many donuts.
Christian's friend "Manny" (short for Mannequin), posed with the girls before they wisked him away to their college apartment to hide him behind a shower curtain.
Yep. Those are my kinfolk.
Brittney's never had a problem dressing up. It's just the make-up part that she struggles with. Jodi has a talent in that department and stepped in with her handy dandy sephora make up collection.
It feels good to be home. It feels good to be surrounded by family. And it feels good to eat a mini Almond Joy every now and then. Life is good.