Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tough Love

I can tell somebody's been feeding the dog people food (Ahhem, Jordan). You know how I can tell? First, he pukes in the morning right after all the kids, and husband, have left for the day. Second, he stands by the table whining and crying hoping that the noise will get to us eventually and we will, out of sheer desperation for our sanity, feed him some of whatever we are eating. We had really yummy spaghetti tonight and our groans of culinary delight were mixed with the whining of the dog wanting to try a few morsels but I was having none of it. No. The only way to teach this dog is to not give in. "Just ignore him", I tell the kids. 

It must have worked because after we all ran into the office to get Jodi a list of SL restaurants for her date we came back out to the kitchen to find the dog laying quietly beneath the table. In fact, amazingly, he never whined or begged for another morsel all night. Almost like he was guilty or something. That's right, people. Tough love.

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