Saturday, October 25, 2008

I STILL heart #6

Remember #6?
Today she wore red and played in the game for the state championship.
She gave it everything she had.
Hmmm....I wonder if these two coulda been friends in another life?

Anybody who ever thought girls are fragile, dainty little creatures has never been to a girl's high school soccer game.

Oh ya..that's right people. That's Kate heading the ball. You would have to take me to the emergency room if I tried that.

The fan section doing their part. (Kate's #2 fan [I'm #1], Cubby, getting his war paint on).

Cubby, Maddie, Hailee, and momma Kelli. (I had to tell you she was the mom 'cause I knew you'd confuse her for one of the high school students).

This is not a Victory Dance as you can see. But if I were the one giving Kate that hug, I would be whispering in her ear: "in my eyes you are a superstar."  And I don't just mean soccer. 

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