Friday, October 24, 2008


Last night I feasted. And I came hungry. My "tank was empty", my "well was dry" my "cup needed to be filled"-however you want to say it-I needed last night. Once a month, I gather with a group of 6 other women to be fed.

Not just physically-although the dinner that Andi made last night was amazing-but spiritually and mentally as well. We call it our "Family Night Group" because from the very beginning we have each taken a month and prepared 7 (one for each mom to take) gospel centered lessons to take home and present and discuss with our own families during a weekly "Family Night." This past year we chose conference talks. A typical lesson has had maybe one other story (geared more to kids) that further illustrates the gospel principle in the talk and a visual-maybe a picture or an object lesson. Last night Kristin gave us her lesson from Elder Worthlin; Concern for the One. A large focus of this lesson is showing kindness to all-something that Kristin has very sweetly and humbly mastered in her life. She also reminded us of the story of the 3 Musketeers-who were not only loyal protecters of the king but loyal friends to each other. "All for one and one for all" being their heartfelt motto and words they lived by.

I think true charity and kindness has almost become a lost art. Kristen teaches her kids that "they will never be sorry that they were too kind." I don't think we can remind ourselves or our families of that enough.
I am buoyed and lifted and inspired by my association with these amazing women. Truly, I want to be just like them when I grow up. I left last night after filling my belly with food from Andi's Thanksgiving favorites recipe collection,

my mind with talk about the upcoming presidential election, stories from Rebecca and Shelia's family trips to the Holy Land, family ideas for the Halloween Holiday,

the nutritional value of a sweet potato and how to create a leaf made of frosting,

and my spirit with spoken and unspoken testimonies borne in the exemplary way that each of these mothers, wives and friends live their lives. My cup runeth over.


Kris/Mom said...

you are an inspiration to me. I wonder how I got so lucky to have such an incredible daughter. I love reading your blog and hope every day that you have written something that day - it's always an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Can we make it a group of 7? Actually, I would be way too intimidated by Lori and her group of amazing friends. I will just be content to look at photos of them and their yummy dinners and their uplifting lessons and conversations. I have to say that I am "buoyed and lifted and inspired" when I am with Lori. She has not lost the art of true charity and kindness.