Monday, October 13, 2008

Managing Monday.

It was tough to get up this morning. THIS was staring me in the face. It felt like I was sorting dirty clothes in slow motion. My warm bed was calling my name. 

As I threw Gabe's soccer uniform in a pile, I thought back to Saturday when his dad excitedly told me after the game that he thought Gabe was the STAR of the team. My son beamed with pride. My heart swelled at the look of joy in his eyes.
I sorted Jodi's pajama pants that Hailee borrowed on her weekend sleepover with her aunt. I thought of Hailee's repeated announcement of "I had so much fun with Jodi" and my heart filled with love and appreciation for my sister and her positive influence in the lives of my children. 

(Let's see..socks, undies, towels-nothing).

Ah, my skirt from Sunday-now with hot sauce and a little apple crisp on it-is the skirt I wore to church (it was clean at the time). The skirt I lovingly served my family dinner -thrilling at the addition of Brittney and Kia home for the day from college. I was still wearing the skirt when we drove up to Kelli's to draw names for Christmas and shared desert and our favorite thoughts from conference. Today that skirt reminds me that I have family all around me that I love and adore.
What is on Christian's jeans? Really. Maybe it's grease from riding go-carts with his dad on Saturday. An event Christian has been pressing for for quite some time and one that his dad was more than willing to oblige. I heard them before I saw them when they returned. Reliving the events and teasing each other over who got the fastest score. (Yes, honey, YOU were the fastest) I love that I married a man who loves his children-who spends time with them. So..they all create dirty laundry for me to wash and dry and fold and put away (small sigh)...but all that dirty laundry reminds me how truly blessed I am. I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

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