Monday, October 6, 2008

Conference weekend.

I love conference weekend. Especially fall session. Especially this year. 
It rained. 
There was a chill in the air.
Hailee and Kate made 'COnFFerEncE Cake' for breakfast. 
I was inspired while in my pajamas.
My whole family was home. 
Between sessions we drove up the canyon. The sun was glistening on the kaleidoscope of fall foliage (try saying that fast 3 times). 
I love fall.

Maddie and Christian going
Conference Casual
Elder Eyring:
*Sometimes the Lord gives us someone whose differences are just what we need to grow.
*Speak generously of others and the Lord will bless us with a greater outpouring of His spirit for not sowing the seeds of disunity.

Elder Hales:
*Part of mortalities greatest test is to be in the world but not like the world.
Elaine Dalton:
*In the strength of the Lord, I can do hard things.
*Make a stand for right; even if you stand alone. There is no greater companion than a clear conscience.
*Are we consumers of vice rather than guardians of virtue?
*NY Marathon winner said, "The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare."

Elder Ballard:
*We cannot afford to be superficially righteous.

President Monson:
*There wont be anything to remember tomorrow if we don't do something today.
*What is most important in our lives always involves those around us.
*Both abundance and lack of abundance exist simultaneously in our lives. Which secret garden will we tend?

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