Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I read this article yesterday and wished that I had done so without mascara. (That was your fair warning). Tragedy has struck this amazing family but what has been even more amazing is the way they have rallied around each other. Their bond as sisters has especially shone through. They have managed to not only inspire thousands of others but show us all how to see the tender mercies in  our lives regardless of the circumstances. Sister Courtney wrote early on that through this experience she no longer feels that there are tragedies in life-only opportunities for growth. 

My thoughts have, of course, turned to my relationship with my own sisters. Your mom always tells you to "be nice to your sisters because friendships will come and go but you will always have the relationship you have created with your sisters." Strangely, once again, mom is right. Moving as often as we did growing up we seemed to have had more friendships that went than came our way and -perhaps to our detriment- that was often okay because we had each other. Each of us sisters, has, in recent years had our own trials that, if asked, we would have gladly opted out of- (except for maybe Kelli-she's especially tough) - but as there was no choice given we have endured. I have watched as my sisters have chosen to be refined by life's experiences and have continued to gain strength and wisdom that I have been and will continue to be able to draw from throughout this journey called life. I am sure that we will continue to receive more "opportunities for growth" in the years ahead and that is okay. Because one of the greatest "tender mercies" in my life is knowing that through it all my sisters will always be there.


Kris/Mom said...

once again I am inspired by your writing and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Could I be any luckier to have you? I love you.