Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The perfect ending

Our final stop was Balboa Island. A stop that made it difficult to want to leave. Since Rebecca, Alyse and Jana know this island backward and forward, we turned our daily agenda over to them and they created days filled with morning walks...

..weaved in and around the homes facing the waterfront. Homes decked out for Halloween.
And decks decked out for Halloween.
A trip to Balboa is never complete for Rebecca without a stop for a "balboa bar." A chocolate dipped frozen banana rolled in the toppings of your choice. I think I remember Rebecca saying that she even had a Balboa Bar Birthday bash when she was about 12?
Shopping. Of course, shopping. Or at least Kelly shopped and we all helped carry her bags.
Just kidding. This is the photo we took of Kelly with all our purchases that we sent to her husband, Mark. I texted, "Holy crap! Your wife likes to shop." Mark quickly replied, "Holy crap is not the words I just said! We are not going to dinner with everyone tonight. We are sharing a footlong at Subway." Haha!

Pedicures. Sadly, so we can go home and hide them in our boots.
Hair help for Lori. Thank you, Jana!
Several stops at Pinkberry for coconut frozen yogurt.

And Zachary's Garden Center. A highlight every time.

Noteworthy but not photodocumented:
*Seeing 2 dissapointing movies: The Big Year (actually only 1/2 of the movie), Footloose 2
*Dinner @ Gulfstream
*Morning bike ride along the ocean
*Rolling into a gutter and falling off my bike-after which Kelly suddenly felt an urgent need for all of us to wear bike helmets
*Shutting my hand in the van door
*Trader Joe's
*Breakfast burritos on the patio
*Trying to fit 4 of us in Mark's 2 seater car
*Getting stuck in Mark's car
*Eating, talking, laughing, recharging, reconnecting and
*Planning next year's road trip

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