Thursday, November 5, 2009

Harpy Halloween!

Halloween morning began with a harp recital. Hailee played the Glinka with the heart of a cowgirl.

This was the first time Hailee had played with this group. She had only been taking from this new teacher since September. The very bright, tall, illuminated woman at the back of this photo is Hailee's teacher. She has a very bright, large personality to match. During lessons, the louder Julie talks, the softer Hailee plays. I can tell it makes Julie a little crazy.Jill and her mom came to support Hailee. Jill is showing us where the concert was held.
Madie slept over at our house the night before. A small amount of panic set in when her cell phone died and she didn't have a charger. She asked her mom to bring her charger to the concert. She didn't. This picture proves that love conquers all.
Jilly-fix. The cure for all that ails.