Thursday, November 5, 2009

He said, She said

This is a first. First time that the MONSTER MASH school dance has been on Halloween. First dance that Christian has gone to, first (and hopefully last) time Christian's shorts have been so short and the first time I have had to wait up for a son and daughter separately after their dates.

Hailee and her friend, Sarah, and their group went dressed as rock stars. Hailee was the first to arrive home very early the next morning. Needless to say, I was exhausted and struggling to stay awake so I was very relieved when she came in my room and announced she was home. The conversation went something like this....
Mom: How was it?
Hailee: It was okay. Well, no. Its was good. Well, at least the dance part was good.
Mom: What do you mean?
Hailee: Well, I didn't really know my date that well and so it was a little awkward but then i saw so and so at the dance......(mom dozes briefly)...and she really likes so and so but he left her and was dancing with another girl........(Mom: really?)......and then I went up these stairs and I could see the whole dance floor and I saw Christian (Mom wakes completely) looking for his date and then he found her and asked her to dance and ....... and so and then after the dance we....and then he said and then she said......yadda yadda and so anyway it was a good dance, I guess.
Mom: That's great, Hailee. Love you. Goodnight now.
Christian's group went dressed as nerds. Christian borrowed his grandpa's glasses. I hope he can still see after wearing those puppies all night. I think his date is about the most stylin' nerd I've ever seen.
Christian got home 2 texts and 45 minutes later than Hailee. He also came in and announced he was home. The conversation went a little like this:
Mom: Hey bud. How was the dance?
Christian: Good.
Mom: Um..How was the dinner?
Christian: Good.
Mom: Um..How was the movie?
Christian: It was okay.
Mom: How was Catherine?
Christian: Good.
Mom: Did you make any moves on her? (I'm trying to be funny here)
Christian: She has a boyfriend.
Mom: Did she make any moves on you? (Not really trying to be funny here)
Christian: No.
Christian: So..I'm pretty tired. Goodnight.
(wide awake now trying to fill in all of the blanks)
Note to self: Figure out a way to send Christian's chatty sister on each of his outings.

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