Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sam and Maryse

My nephew, Sam, married his sweetheart yesterday. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

They were married here. For not just time but all eternity.

The combining of two individuals also brings about the combining of two different families. This is Sam's brother Zac and Maryse's sister.
Father and son. Sam's brother Jabren and Ollie.
I love this picture of Sam's parents. The look between them most likely speaks more than any of us will ever know.
Maryse's brother.

I have been inspired as I have witnessed the love and tenderness exhibited by these two.
The paparazzi were out in full force. I tried not to interfere (too much).
Sam and his new mother-in-law.
Sam and his mom and Sam's dad with his new daughter-in-law.

Uncle Zac with a glowing out of focus Oliver.
Sam and his cousin, Tyler, have experienced much of life side by side. I think there is a special bond that can exist between cousins. These two have demonstrated that.
Wedding guests waiting for the music to start so they can get their groove on.

Sam's parents, Bronte and Bryan, have led by example. They are amazing people, amazing parents and amazing in-laws.

I told Madie that it is impossible for her to take a bad picture. This proves it. Nobody else I know of can look beautiful putting food in their mouth.
Ollie wants his mom to take him for a spin on the dance floor. Aparently, she's digging her heels in. :)
Madie's husband, David. He was the first one manly enough to pop the question.
Ollie-looking toward the future. Hopefully with a girl as beautiful as his Aunt Madie.
Ollie finally finds a gal who will take him for a spin. Ollie was a little intimidated by her bold dance moves and assertive nature. Frankly, most of the white folks at this wedding were. We all have a thing or two we can learn from this union.


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LORI!!! I didn't know you blogged!! I'm so happy to know now!! I'm going to add you to my list!! Great pics by the way!! Love them!

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