Thursday, November 5, 2009

A BOOtiful night

These two fabulous felines are my sisters. Scary.
Travis, Avery, Jake, Corbin, Nick, Gabe, Sam, Emma, and Caleb spook the neighborhood.
The tradition continues... Hailee and her harp babies. The two darling girls belong to Hailee's first harp teacher, Kimberly. Hailee nannied for them for probably 5 years. She became very attached. (To the girls and their mom). The two gorgeous boys belong to Nicole (Kimberly's sister) who Hailee nannied for and took lesson from up until this last year when Nicole's hectic schedule as Dr. Nicole Brady, the director of harp at B.Y.U. , momma Nicole, and Mrs. Brooks Brady became too much. We understand and support her decision to prioritize completely, but that doesn't mean that we don't miss her (and the boys) like crazy. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for placing these women, and those like them, in the paths of my girl's lives. They have changed and altered them for the better.
Brittney came up from College Town and took Sophie and Jill treak-or-treating. We discovered that there should have been some sort of "trick-or-treating etiquette class" given before they left. A couple of times during the night, Batgirl expressed her dislike of the candy she was given and asked for another choice. If she was given one she especially liked, she asked for more. Brittney was mortified. Secretly, I was a little giddy. He, he...Years ago I remember uttering the phrase over her..."When you grow up, I hope you have a little girl just like you." This'll work.
Maddie has been sufficiently spooked. She is listening to her aunt Jodi talk about the movie, Paranormal Activity. Hearing about it was creepy enough. I highly recommend you never see this movie.

The plan: Invite all the family down for the evening and then make them do all the work.
A little chocolate milk to wash down the bag of candy.