Thursday, October 29, 2009


With Gabriel as my youngest, I tend to see so much of what he does as a "last." Today, with my 'baby' in 6th grade, I attended the LAST of my kid's Halloween Parades. Have I really been going to Halloween Parades for 16 years? What if I'm not ready to be done? Sometimes I feel like I'm just starting to get the hang of things.

Gabe's costume this year is a tribute to one of his favorite movies..Newsies. He knows every song by heart and will sing them till one of his older siblings (brother) shuts the program down.

(Note that the guy's hand in the background is not Gabe's hand. Gabe has a stack of newspapers in his hand)
(His Thrift Town outfit is a size 5- but don't tell him, o.k.?)

This is my favorite princess of all time. Lilly is a princess everyday, but broke out one of her nicer dresses for today.
Maybe Lilly will let me come to her Halloween parades in the future?
Guess what Gabe's classmate, Ezra, dressed up as?
Another last...Last Halloween class party as a room mom.
I brought the game, Grab the Ghost, that I found in the Family Fun Magazine years ago. It is always a big hit.
Newsie boy and Mustard lid boy are ready to pull their ghosts to safety.

The goblin is the one with the funnel. He calls out two numbers and rolls the die. If either of the two numbers show up on the die, he tries to grab the ghosts before they have a chance to pull them off the circle.
Eighties Girl is thinking hard about what numbers to call out.
One of the other moms brought stuff for the kids to make Halloween buttons. Gabe made his obligatory button and promptly pinned it on me.
"Find and eat as many gummy worms out of the powdered sugar" was another activity. A couple of the girls opted out of this one.
Nachos, donut holes and root beer floats.

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Andy said...

I am sooo bummed I did not know about your blog until now! I am going to become a frequent reader. I love Gabe's costume, I could tell what he was right away! maybe we can have a sing off of all the Newsies songs