Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby brother turns 30

It seems like just yesterday that I was trying to haul Erick's chubby baby body up the steps to the apartment in Frankfurt, Germany. I remember everyone saying what a "huge baby" he was after he was born. I was almost afraid to see him for the first time. I was afraid he would be so huge he wouldn't even look like a baby. And I really, really wanted a baby. Luckily for me a 9lb. baby still looks like a baby and so began my self-appointed role as 'mother' to Erick. Erick has endured much with 3 older sisters (mothers) watching/correcting his every move. Perhaps all of the times his hair was combed into cute little ponytails as a baby has something to do with his attachment to his own ponytail now. But those 3 older sisters/mothers also thought he walked on water. We cheered him on at every sporting event that he so naturally excelled in. (And I'm not just saying that) We have scrutinized and critiqued every girl friend he has brought home and we watched in awe as he not only served a very honorable mission in Peru but has turned that love of the language and the people into a career. Erick's nutty sense of humor makes every gathering a party. I believe that my son inherited his high pitched whistle. Erick covertly used that whistle on a public transportation bus recently until finally the driver of the bus had to pull over to check his brakes and engine to see if he could discover the source of that terrible sound. (Like I said-nutty sense of humor.)
Brittney can't believe he's 30
Jill colored Erick a beautiful picture for his birthday. The caption on the picture said, "I will take good care of my body."
Hailee, Christian and Gabe composed a candy bar card for their uncle. Erick reminded us he doesn't eat sweets. (Maybe he was motivated by Jill's card?)

This is Emma (my niece) sprawling comfortably in a chair.This is Emma after her cousin Christian played the seniority card and made her share her comfy chair.

This is what happened to Emma when she expressed her desire to have her chair back to herself.

Maddie (my niece) and grandpa (my dad) take in the festivities from their own comfy seats.

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