Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Looking toward the finish line

We're getting there. Slowly but surely. "These things take time," I'm told. And although I struggle with patience, I can see that the time and effort being but into remodeling our beautiful, old home will eventually pay off. Eventually.....

Aussie loves riding over to the "new old house." 

The old garage came down. And with it, a lovely rat habitat. 

The new, detached garage. 
"The addition." The family room is the area with the fireplace. The small, attached garage is to the right.

Looking forward to....that doggie door. I am certain I will like the dog more with that addition.
The nickel board begins at the entry and wraps all the way around to the butler's pantry. Love it.

Thanks to nephew, Josh, at European Marble and Granite, we have some fabulous new countertops.  Jeff-the-builder had his carpenter, James, cover them and make sure nobody put anything on the counters. James took his responsibility very seriously. 

I love the arched entry from the garage entrance.  James, you rule!

Not loving the dust. And it's not just a little bit. Do you think it will ever be completely clean again?

Apparently, Pat and Jodi came by to have a look when we weren't there and decided to leave a little graffiti.  I can't blame them. It's like a magnet for self-expression.

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