Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's all about family..

I love my family. I love my parents and my 3 siblings and their families. I can't get enough. I love that the holidays is just one more reason for us to get together and that we all live close enough to each other to be able to do that. And we all really, really like being together. I consider myself one lucky gal.

Christmas Eve we gathered at mom's.

We ate ham and turkey and salads and rolls and potatoes and pie.
We sang Christmas carols and watched "The Nativity."

There were "family gifts" for the 3 siblings with kids. Each family received a gift that would allow their family to go and do something fun together. Kelli and Brandt received a season pass to Heritage Park, Jodi's to Kangaroo Zoo and ours was for movie passes. Our family's favorite pastime. Each included a game and treats that further illustrated the gift. Didn't know it but there is a game out there that tests you on movie trivia called Pass the Popcorn. We are going to dominate.
But the thing I loved most about that night was the love that was felt and seen everywhere I looked.

Kelli and Brandt

Brittney (notice new hair color) and Jill
Hailee indulging Jodi by playing with her hair
Jordan indulging Jill by playing "Guess Who." (Or maybe it was the other way around?)
A little PDA from my brother-in-law.I would like to give this guy a little PDA

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