Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Annual Gooseberry Patch Party

That's right..you read right. It's a Gooseberry Patch party. Years ago mom gave all the girls in the fam some of her favorite books-the Gooseberry Patch books. In case you're not familiar- these are books filled with country crafts and recipes. Worried that we were not getting full use of our books, mom devised her Gooseberry Patch party plan. Each of us gals were to come to her party with a craft and recipe to share that we had discovered in-you guessed it-the Gooseberry Patch books. For years we indulged mom and scoured our books for ideas. The smallest of glitches, however...not all of us were as fond of the country crafts (or recipes for that matter). So..I maybe have been bringing my own crafts and recipes that are more suitable to my tastes for these last couple of parties. (So...um..mom. If you're reading this-I'm sure I'm the only one who feels this way. I'm sure all the other sisters and cousins really did get their craft from page 68 in that one Gooseberry book).

This year the party included a cookie exchange. Jill is guarding the goods.

My cuz...Tina and baby Grace.
You know who...hmmm...are there a few cookies missing?
Tina and her sister Lisa are probably the two funnest and funniest people I know. When they start story telling-you want to be listening. (Don't you hate it when you hear a group of people laughing heartily and you missed out on the joke??)

Lisa makes you smile. You just can't help yourself.

Beautiful Brookie. Brooke was my flower girl at my wedding. She even cut her own bangs special for the occasion. Would you look at her now...! Don't her bangs looks good?
Brooke, sister Michelle and Brooke's baby Eli.
Hey wait! What's a boy doing at the Gooseberry Girl Party? I promise you this...it has nothing to do with the crafts. Gabe is just such a lady's man with the girls.
Oooh. Not again...How many times do I have to tell this girl-no homework at parties!

These 3 girlies serenaded us till our ears hurt.
This year we wrapped a "favorite thing" of ours for a gift exchange. I got a "movie night" gift combo with popcorn, 7-up, and the game, In a Pickle.
Emma-reflecting on what craft and cookie recipe she will be bringing next year. I highly recommend the one on page 68.

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