Sunday, April 3, 2011

We tried to speed but there was no we ended up at the Speedway.

That is a lame way of saying; "we missed our flight home from Palm Springs and stopped here to pass the time until the next available flight."
It ended up being one of the highlights of the whole trip. Gabe was finally tall enough to ride with the big boys. The three of them were like giddy schoolgirls.
Christian doesn't look giddy here because 1) I am taking his picture and 2) he is having to wait his turn.

Seeing them pull out the pedal extensions for Gabe made me a little nervous. Especially since I knew his dad and big brother were not going to make any allowances for him. He was going to be on his own.
That's Gabe ahead of Christian. Nevermind that it was because he got lapped a couple of times. The boy with the flag also had a sign that said "no bumping" that referred to the side walls and, of course, each other. He had to hold that sign up every stinkin' time my boys would drive by.
The competition was fierce. Jordan and Christian were neck and neck the whole time with Gabe a close third. Or at least closer than the other couple that rode with them. Reminiscing after the race was the best part. They relived every corner and close call.

Who's on first? The boy gloating on top let everyone know he was the victor. His dad claimed there was a misprint.
To me-they're all winners. How lucky am I?

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Lisa-Jayne Mutton said...

You are SUPER lucky! Can't wait to catch up soon with you all!