Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas with the Radmans

Gabe could hardly wait this year. He must have asked me a hundred times when the party was. Thank you Christmas season for giving us an excuse to get together.

Jordan's Mom is the guest of honor.

My nephew, Jake, and his fourth! daughter, Matilda. And speaking of my nephews...I had a thought this night as I looked around at this group of people...Man, my nephews married well. They are beautiful women-all of them- but even more impressive is what amazing wives and mothers they are. Way to go, boys.

Jordan's sister, JoAnne, hosts our crew every year. Her home is beautiful and immaculate, and warm and FUN...
JoAnne also shops, wraps, and distributes.
Andy (to me he's still Andrew) with my girls. This boy used to be a regular fixture at our house his senior year of High School. He has a special quality of drawing people together. He make you laugh. I miss him.
My favorite picture of the night. My nephew, Danen, with Jordan's mom. I cannot tell you how adored this woman is by her grandkids. She elicits such tenderness and compassion from all of them.
I wonder if Lillie can sense that this woman knows how to take exceptional care of the babies and that is why she brings them to Nana. Nana, of course, raised 6 babies of her own and has continued the nurture of 30 grandkids and oh so many great -grandkids. What a gift.

*to all of Jordan's family of fabulous photographers.....I sincerely apologize for the quality of these photos.