Wednesday, March 3, 2010

San Diego part 2

We left the cold and snow in Utah for a weekend getaway of....cold and rain in California. Not to worry. We found ways to entertain ourselves. The guys were supposed to be on a golf course but they found solace in the game room at the hotel.
Jordan and Mark prepare to enter the DDR phenomenon!

Mark seemed pretty pleased with himself considering what it says on the screen. (I don't think he had very high expectations)
No..Kelly's not competitive at all. She just had her teeth grit in every picture of her playing air hockey against Jordan.

When Mark's ball didn't end up where Mark thought it should, they immediately suspected a crooked stick. Funny how it always seems to be the crooked stick.

Rebecca sat across from her husband at dinner on a rainy night in San Diego.
The day we were to leave we woke to beautiful sun.
Beautiful sun made the girls feel like going for a quick walk on the beach. However, when girls get talking they seem to forget how far they've walked and then by the time the fatigue and sore joints hits, you realize you now have to walk all the way back. It ended up being not such a quick walk.
This is Rebecca and Kelly post walk on the beach. Post breakfast at a cute little cafe and post me getting my land legs back.
These little figures were dotted throughout the hotel property. They seem quite life-like and this one caused me a little concern as I saw him laying there in the rain. Kelly is sharing his reading material.
Mark and Kel...

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