Sunday, September 27, 2009

My "little" girl is 20

Where do I start? If she's 20 that makes me...old. I look at her and wonder when she grew up. Where has the time gone? This child of mine is an adult. I don't need to accompany her to the dentist or get her up in the morning or drive her to a play date or do her hair or pick out her clothes. (She pretty much did those last two things from the time she could walk). And some days ( a lot of days) I really wish I still could. So many days I find myself wondering if I did enough. In some ways I feel like watching your kids leave the nest and go it on their own is like being graded on an "end of term exam." Did I teach her everything she needs to know to survive and be happy and successful in this big, bad world? Did I listen enough? Did I praise enough? Did I testify of my Savior enough? Did I hug and kiss her enough? Did I expect enough? Council enough? Love enough?
No. No, I didn't. I'm afraid I don't pass. And I wonder, can I do extra credit to bring up my grade? Are we graded on a curve? And I pray, really pray, that I will have faith to believe in the atonement of my Savior-our ultimate teacher- that can make up the difference for all of my failures and inadequacies. Looking at who Brittney has become -in spite of me-assures me that it is not just possible but probable.

Brittney is surrounded by people who love her. Aunt Kelli loves her.
Hailee and Katie love her.
Jill loves dessert-and her.
We celebrated with really yummy cinnamon bundt cake (I can't say bundt without thinking of My Big Fat Greek Wedding), warm carmel sauce, peaches and whipped cream.
I love that the dog is hoping against hope that his "daddy" Christian will 'spill' something. (Always a good chance)
Jill got her beautiful bracelet at the Farmer's Market. (In case you were wondering).
Brittney has faced an unusual problem with her living situation down at school. Her roommates (5 of them) are very, very health conscious. They cook every night. Brittney calls me often just to tell me (brag about) what she had for dinner. At this point in the school year , she is craving a hot pocket and some top ramen-which became her sole means of nutritional survival her freshman year. Since they split the food bill every month, she hasn't felt it was appropriate to suggest adding in some "treats." Since Brittney's grandma would probably starve without her own allotment of daily treats, she jumped at the chance to use her birthday as an opportunity to ease her pain.
Speaking of "treats," one of the sweetest things for me is to watch the relationship between these two. Brittney has her dad wrapped ever so tightly around her little finger. We all joke that if we want anything from Jordan, we just need to get Brittney to ask him. Really, though, she is hard to resist.
I am so proud of this girl. I am so excited to see who she becomes. I love you, Britt.

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Angie said...

What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl. You by the way are an amazing mom.
Do you have any cake leftover? That looked heavenly.