Thursday, April 2, 2009

It was Kelli's birthday too.

Last Sunday we gathered to celebrate our two March birthdays. Jordan and Kelli. 
Kelli is my sister just younger than me. I think she is pretty amazing. As I've mentioned before, moving as often as we did growing up often left me friendless but never sisterless. And if I had to choose...well there's no question that I would choose to be with my sisters any day. Plus, it was good to have Kelli on your side. Kelli is a fierce protector of those she loves. For example there was the time when we were little and she threatened to beat up a boy on the playground because he was being mean to me (yes-I know-a little role reversal with the oldest sibling role-I have no problem admitting that I'm a wimp) or the time she went to the house of a girl that had been harassing our other sister in junior high and told her to knock it off or watch her back or the time she got fed up with teenage boys yelling and honking in the parking lot of her and Brandt's apartment complex and went  down to their car and asked/told them to shut up because she had a sleeping baby upstairs or the time she chased a lady down in the grocery store and told her off for stealing our mom's grocery cart or..... you get the picture....) Growing up I felt it was my duty to watch over Kelli, to worry about Kelli, and to counsel/boss Kelli. Obviously all of my good efforts paid off because she is one of the most faithful, dedicated, disciplined and giving people I know. 

You know how if you see something or hear something or acquire something or learn something or experience something that you think is unique or wonderful and how you look around for someone to share the experience with because it is in the sharing that really fills your heart and soul with the joy of the moment? And how the experience is made all the more special if you can find someone who really appreciates what is being shared? This is why missionaries and faithful church members want to share the good news of the gospel and why I can't imagine Christmas or holidays without children and why I loved watching Kelli flip and twist and tumble with her gymnastics or cheer or sing or today watch her inspire and motivate her children or her muscles ripple from her faithful daily workouts. 
Kelli's always been a "behind the scenes" kind of gal. I just wanted to bring her to the forefront for a moment and share her wonderfulness with all of you.
Ladies and Gentlemen.....I give you...Kelli.

*( Something is going on with my computer. I can't upload pictures onto my blog. I have been trying for 2 days.  I had 3 more pictures I wanted to share but they will not load!! I will keep trying. For now...this is all I could do.)

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