Sunday, April 19, 2009

Not so 'Junior' Prom

What the heck? When did she grow up? Last night was Hailee's Junior Prom. Travis got to be her date. Jodi and JR were here before she left accessorizing and encouraging. I sat in the chair taking deep breaths-mostly for Hailee who had a hard time taking deep breaths in her "fits her like a glove" dress.

I waited up for Hailee. Never because I'm worried about her choices (you can see by the pictures the caliber of friends-that's Prom Queen Olivia and Judd, Hailee and Travis) but because I:
*wanted to see her smile and hear her giggle
*needed to make sure she didn't twist her ankle in her heels
*see if her hair stayed in (I think she could wear it for another week and not have it budge)
*ask her how she managed with a big group (she made a concerted effort to push herself outside her comfort zone)
*get the grade on her date (A++)

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