Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Husband.

From adorable boy... handsome hunk...
...this is the man I love. Happy Birthday, hon. 

Stole my heart from the first moment I saw him
with his long strides
and untucked shirt. 
His easygoing manner
brought balance to my overanxious nature.
As a father
he exceeded all expectations
as he wrapped his enormous heart around those babes we made.
He tells me he loves me
and that I'm beautiful
and most days, I believe him. 
Convinced me there is nothing he can't do
when I saw him
snow ski
and water ski
and play tennis and squash and golf
and even throw a frisbee and bowl like I'd never seen before.
He is especially good at math and science
which thankfully has helped our children continue to progress in those subjects.
Cars, computers, appliances..
he can fix most anything.
He has been known to sing along to Josh Grobin at the top of his lungs
while doing the Sunday dishes- 
and it's even pleasant.
He can create a "deal" when there was no "deal"
and always wins at games.
He loves to go new places and meet new people
but is still content to have movie night with just me.
He has taken risks in business but never with his food choices.
He orders the same thing from each restaurant menu every time.
He loves swiss chocolate
and bacon cheeseburgers
movies, fast cars, nice suits, having his back tickled and the beach
-not necessarily in that order.
He always walks in the door happy
and never asks "what did do you do all day?"
He tells stories-mostly true-about his childhood
and makes us laugh (and sometimes cringe).
Nobody can make me laugh like he does.
He is the one to give up his seat on the subway,
to stop to help a stranger in need
and open the door for me.
When he kneels and prays for our family
my heart swells with love.
I may even offer to tickle his back.