Sunday, November 2, 2008

It was a FRIGHTfully good Halloween!

"Happy families don't just happen by accident or luck-they are created. Bonds can exist between families that will be a joy and a strong support in good times and bad. But just because people are related to each other doesn't mean they have good relationships. Those bonds have to be forged through hours spent together in meaningful activities and traditions.
From Traditions, by Kimberly Bytheway and Diane H. Loveridge

I love holidays because I love the comfort and security of traditions. Try to change or break tradition and watch your kids revolt. That said, I know that as life and circumstances are constantly changing, so must traditions. You have to find what works for your family at that stage and  phase of life.  My hope is to create activities and events that can bring the family together to create memories and strengthen feelings of love and unity. I hope, hope, hope........
So as we reflect on the traditions of Halloween some are iron clad-and some-are subject to change.

Tradition: Calling upon friends and Thrift Town to piece together costumes.
Subject to change: The height of the heels. 

Tradition: Getting a kick out of the Halloween Parade at the Elementary School. (The Clown and the Sandwich-with his head in balloons-are Gabe's two good friends, Sam and Jake).
Subject to change: Attending the Halloween Parade at the Elementary School. Only one more year before Junior High for my baby. There will be mourning.

Tradition: Wearing the jack-o-lantern necklace.
Subject to change: The various black and orange wardrobe combinations.
(side note: Hailee took this picture she said to document one of my favorite traditions: writing out jobs for my kids to do)

Tradition: Finding ways to acceptably change your friend's appearance. (Christian's friends, Christian's hair color, but no Christian)
Subject to change: Colors, patterns and willing victims.

Tradition: Oohing and aahing at Hailee's "kid's" costumes before the night begins. (Hailee has nannied for this family since the oldest was a baby)
Subject to change: Since Hailee sadly quit her nannying position at the start of her Junior year, this tradition could be on its way out.

Tradition: Chili, scones and hot cider
Subject to change: Those willing to roll and fry scones. This year it was Erick and his friend Natalie.

Tradition: Piling on layers and layers of warm clothing, completely covering any signs of a costume to try to trick-or-treat to at least 3 houses before your extremities freeze off.
Subject to change: The weather. This year was the warmest Halloween on record. We actually got a glimpse of the cute costumes. Another bonus this year was having both of my sister's kids join us for the night.

Tradition: Waiting in anticipation to see what costumes Britt and friends come up with that require no time or money.
Subject to change: Britt and friends

Tradition: Ditto for Christian and friends
Subject to change: Their vicitms...... (Oh no! It's the Mafia. Run, Maddie.... run for your life)

Tradition: Falling into bed exhausted and happy
Subject to change: please let this one stay the same..........


brooke & chad coon said...

We loved the yummy dinner! Thanks for being the one to always do fun things for our family. (And so sorry if my child left your floor, couch, or any other part of your house smelling like throw up.)

Angie said...

Gabe needs to learn how to sit like a lady! On the parade day I thought I have to see Lori in her pumkin necklace.Darn I missed it.