Friday, November 7, 2008

Be Prepared

I think "Be Prepared" should be one of the 9 bes President Hinckley gave us. Around these here parts those other "bes" seem like cakewalk compared to being prepared. 
Brittney told me a week ago that she had a performance with the UVU Orchestra in Heber City. I thought it would be a fun outing for me and a couple of Britt's sibs to attend. A whole week, people! That's prepared. But wait-it gets better. I am familiar with how the sharing of information works with Britt (there is no sharing) and so I have asked everyday if she has further info. Finally, yesterday, the day of the concert, I get frantic phone calls while in Hailee's lesson informing me that tickets are required for the event and that they are most likely sold out. I am bummed. Really. I had planned a fun evening with Gabe and Hailee that included dinner at our new favorite burger joint in Park City and I was excited to hear Brittney play.  Oh, well. Then, other more frantic phone calls. This time..."Could you come anyway. There are 2 broken strings on the harp, it's completely out of tune and I didn't bring strings, tuner, or tuning key." In other words, "I'm not PREPARED." I run home, get online and discover that this little Heber City event Brittney is playing at is a big honkn deal. The Cowboy Poetry gathering with special guest Michael Martin Murphey. There is one ticket available. I snatch it up, snatch up Gabe and Hailee, harp supplies and keys to the Park City condo where the other 2 without tickets can chill and watch the big Utah game on cable (which we don't have) for the night. We can still make this a fun, eventful evening-including of course-the burger joint. I told Britt I'd be there by 6 (the concert started @ 7) and at ten after 6 I was almost to Heber when I realize that Hailee still has the tuner and key in her bag in Park City. In other words, "I'm not PREPARED!" I make an illegal turn in the pitch black going 75mph on the freeway and head back. I roll into Heber at 5 min. to 7, try to find a parking spot within 5 miles of the venue and run for my (Brittney's) life. Trying to find "will call," I quickly realize that I am the only person there not wearing boots and a cowboy hat. ( I have some I wish I had worn-If only I had been better prepared) Heaven smiled upon me for a brief moment and I picked a man out of the crowd that was willing to show me the way to will call, explaining that I had to get a string to the orchestra harpist. Seeing the obvious panic on my face, he offered to take my little pile of harp paraphanalia to Britt. As he turned to leave, I yelled for him to wait. "I have one more thing I need for you to take," I tell him. Knowing that I would most likely loose the 1/2 piece of string needed to keep the string knot from slipping, I had placed it in my mouth. I dug it out of my mouth, wiped it off and turned to hand it to him. The incredulous look on his face told me how impressed he was that I was so prepared. 
I slipped into my very good seat and enjoyed the western performance-watching my daughter "fake it" nicely on the harp on the back of the stage-having never been able to properly install the string. Talking with her after the performance she assures me that "next time" she will be better prepared. It's now on the list people. Right there with, BE Honest, BE smart, Be grateful...Around here we continue to work on BE Prepared. 

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Kris/Mom said...

I am having a panic attack reading this! It's good I don't know about these things until after the fact. I don't know how you do what you do. You get the "Super Mom" award.