Saturday, November 8, 2008

Family Fun

The kids were so excited (check out the look of sheer joy on their faces) that  the weather made another sudden turn for the warmer and allowed us to do this:

It allowed Gabe to do a little of this:

But even more of this (that's an ice ball sailing through the air):

and gave Brittney a chance to work on her throw (not that she needs to work on it or anything):

I started out using the blower but when I burned my coat on the moter, Christian decided it was time to take over:

Aussie offered to help but decided soaking up the sun was a more constructive use of his time:

Note to the conspicuously absent husband/father: I thought I would document our fall family fun since your traveling schedule seems to pick up immensely during leaf raking season. ( Maybe you would prefer if we were to save some fun for you?)

1 comment:

Sarie said...

Yes! I can't wait to initiate my girls further into this slave-driven world. They will be the best helpers ever.