Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Parker Palm Springs

We stayed at the most random, retro hotel while we were in Palm Springs. It was a bit of a surprise. Unbeknownst to us, it has gotten quite a bit of publicity and is famous in certain circles. Apparently, we have not spent a lot of time in those circles. It was a fabulous hotel-especially if you have an appreciation for the color orange, and shag, and men in salmon colored pants, and clay tennis courts, and secret garden mazes and little lemonade stands.

Christian in the lobby...
When we first arrived and were checking in, I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked to see Gabe-wide eyed-pointing at the sign above the fake fireplace. No words could come out of his proper little mouth.

Behind Gabe is the cute, little pool area where I spent a very short amount of time (while the boys golfed) before I overheated.

Those clubs are the only reason that I get to check my bag. Without them, I would be pouring all of my liquids into 2 oz. containers and placing them inside of a ziplock bag.

More lobby decor

There was no straight path to anything. Lots of intimate, landscaped pathways that led you in a million circles. It took me the whole trip to figure out how to get to our room.

This is how I started every day. With the snow here today it feels like a very distant memory. But a lovely memory none the less.

This is where we would end the day. Jordan and I are not used to sleeping in a double bed. It was not a smooth transition. And the boys were not used to sleeping in such close quarters with "shake-the-walls-snoring" by their dad. It was good to come home and get some sleep.

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