Sunday, May 2, 2010

We had the whole row...and then some.

Just as I was commiserating about how fast my girls have grown up...
No more polly pockets or tutus or playing "house" or sitting on my lap or dance recitals... Jodi called to invite us to Sophie's dance recital. I jumped at the chance to immerse myself in little-girlhood.
I wish you could have seen her on stage. She acted like she had no idea that hundreds of people were watching her. She danced with energy and confidence. (But then wearing lipstick always has given Soph an unusual amount of confidence.) I was a little jealous watching her. When do we become so self-conscious? Why are we so concerned with what other people think? What if we make a mistake? And someone sees? When do we stop trusting that we can still be loved? Why is it so hard to expose our weaknesses? I pray that Sophie can bask in the knowledge of her greatness-regardless of any perceived weaknesses-for as long as possible. And I will try wearing a little more lipstick.

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