Friday, February 12, 2010

Seeing (more) Red!

I love Valentine's! I love love. I love pink. More than red. This month though, I am loving red.

Candy jar secret...fill with candy nobody really loves. Then it's not a huge temptation. Now if these were filled with chocolate...there would be nothing to see here.I *heart* this tree.
Hailee sewed these hearts together last year to make a heart garland.
The wall of love. Each person addressed hearts to each member of the family telling something they love about that family member. (Minus Brittney and Jordan who are not around)
This is one of my favorites.... [I love my dad because when he knows I am going to beat him at ping pong he still plays with me.]
Valentine mail baskets... I have tried to put something in every day this week.

Gabe's {last} class Valentine party..... We served them heart shaped waffles with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup. Mmmm...

Played Valentine bingo...

Gave out awards for Valentine mailboxes...

...and exchanged "heartfelt" Valentine wishes. Okay...that was a little sarcastic. I don't think they even look at who they are from. They just look for the treat. A friend's son's class had to write something they liked or admired about that person on each Valentine. I imagine that that would inspire them to read them. Maybe if my husband had had to do something like that in his class when he was younger it would be easier for him to send me a Valentine today.

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