Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reality? Check.

Let me just come right out with it. I'm 40. There was no stopping it. But it still just doesn't seem right that I am now the same age my own mother was when I got married because, honestly, she was...well...OLD. 
I had a few moments to think about this impending birthday several days ago. I wondered what it is that I could say that I have accomplished in these 40 years of living and what exactly I hoped to accomplish in the next 40? 
Do I wish there was more on the "What I have accomplished list"?. Truthfully, yes. But I am content to know that there is not a lot on the list of "What I Wish I Hadn't Done." Here are some of my most happy accomplishments:

*Graduation from High School in Texas without ever compromising my standards.
*Earning a diploma from Brigham Young University with a 2 year old and one in the oven.
*My marriage to my friend and husband of almost 20 years.
*My home
*My 4 kids
*Learning to slalom ski, snow ski, play tennis and golf.
*Getting up every morning rain, shine, cold, or snow to run.
*Learning to bake yummy breads and goodies.
*Making dinner for the fam 5 nights a week.
*Sewing the occasional apron, tablecloth, or halloween costume.
*Not ripping our lastest dog's head off for destroying all of my most expensive pillows, blankets, shoes, placemats, and baskets.
*Having the courage to call people on the phone. (Okay, so this is a work in progress, but I am MUCH better than I used to be).
*The time I spent with the Young Women in our area. 
*The wonderful friendships that I have developed. 

Accomplishments I would love to add to the next 40 years.
*See my children happy, healthy, contributing members of society.
*Learn a second language.
*Redo both upstairs bathrooms.
*Cure my scleraderma.
*Finally run a marathon, play tennis, do yoga, play golf, and all things physical once again.
*Read all 4 of the standard works.
*Serve a mission with my husband.
*Go on humanitarian trips with my husband and kids.
*Be a better wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. (and I would add aunt, grandmother, mother-in-law etc.)
*Learn to be more artistic.
*Learn how to be a better cook, photographer, writer, gardener.
*Keep life in perspective. 
*Recognize and express gratitude for the blessed joy in my life everyday.

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