Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is my friend. If only you could all be so lucky. Wait a minute..many of you are. That is the kind of person she is...everyone she meets thinks of her as their friend. 
Angie took me to our favorite pancake house for my birthday breakfast. For a little over an hour, time took a back seat to the unloading of our hearts and the filling of our souls. Ahhh, the world has been set right again.
Some things I love about Angie... (or "How to be a good friend")
*She's real. There is no pretense. 
*She's funny. Plus, she can laugh at herself.
*She's beautiful. She has great shoes.
*She makes being domestic an art form to be envied. Not kidding. She makes you want to bake your own bread, quilt, smock, embroider, sew, scrapbook and cook.
*She listens and then she acts. (This is where you have to be careful with what you tell Angie.  "So you're feeling overwhelmed?" "Well, I'll just come over and clean out your storage room for you." "So, your hands hurt? Leave the sheets and I'll put them on the bed." "Not feeling well? Here's a 5 course meal to tide your family over.")
*She loves being a mom and reminds you that you really do too. 
*She has so much faith.  She shares her testimony in all that she does but is never preachy or self-righteous. 
*She asks your opinion-even when she doesn't need it.
*She lets her kids and husband hug on her, lay on her, and sit on her lap and she acts like she doesn't even mind. 
*She brings me diet cokes-just because. 
*She has handsome and talented boys the same ages as my two girls and would make a fabulous mother-in-law.
*And in the words of Dan Garland...she is that friend who gives me a sense not only of who I am but what I truly can become.

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Angie said...

TAKE THE PICTURE OFF! BUT LEAVE THE SWEET REMARKS! I love it - I am giddy you are blogging. You still have to talk to me daily. You have such a way with words - I love ya and am so grateful to have you for a friend! Thanks for putting up with me.