Tuesday, January 19, 2010

San Diego

Who would've thought that they have groups formed around fiberglass insulation? Well...they do. Jordan attended the NICE (National Insulators Contractors Exchange) convention in San Diego and I tagged along. (I heard it was supposed to be 70 degrees while we were there). We stayed here. It was gorgeous.

Though nothing could compare to the sunsets each night...

I had quite a bit of time on my hands while Jordan was in meetings and on the golf course. I did a little hiking in the Torrey Pines state park. I went very slow. My hips and my knees hurt but it was 70 degrees so it was okay. I spent a lot of time reflecting. I thought a lot about the inadequacies I feel. I thought about a conversation I had with one of my kids before I left and saw clearly how quick I am to hand out "advice." "Advice" that is unsolicited and unwanted. I remembered the scripture class that I had the good fortune of attending the week before. We studied the Lord's conversation with Moses where each time He addresses Moses, He refers to him as "My son." I'm sure the Lord had lots of good "advice" for Moses-His son. Clearly, though, it is all about the delivery. "Gentle persuasion" as opposed to coercion being the biggest difference. But there was something else. Something the teacher, Michael Wilcox, pointed out kept coming back to me. That "God is a lifting God." That when the Lord speaks to his children he uses words and language that lifts them. It was suddenly very clear that the "advice" I was giving was missing the "lifting" quality. I was also missing that quality in the way I felt about myself and the way I assumed the Lord felt about me. Don't misunderstand here... I know that the Lord compensates for my inadequacies-that He will make up the difference-but after all I can do. And there always seems to be so much more that I can do. But I sense that He is probably much more anxious to lift me than to condemn me.

This was the only thing with color I saw on my hike.
Jordan was able to get away for lunch one afternoon. I had a cute little cafe in mind. Jordan had this in mind. I hardly complained. After all...we sat outside where it was 70 degrees.

This is where we go to be lifted. This needs to be a greater focus in my life.

Right here..story of my life.


Sarie said...

Beautiful writing, Lori. And photos. I would love to see you. xoxo

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