Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A playdate with Sophie and cleaning out the spice cabinet

Sophie came to play yesterday.  {We} decided to clean out the spice cabinet. As you can see, it was a long overdue project.

A lot of the spices were a wedding gift. (That means they were over 20 years old!) Sophie decided it was time to use them for a better purpose. Like a spice bath for zebras.....

....or magic flying dust for frogs.
The mess we made to get here was horrendous, but this is the final result. (I keep opening the cupboard door to look at it-it feels so much better)
All day, Sophie kept saying, "We're having a lot of fun. My mom is taking a long time to get here, huh?" I'm pretty sure that meant, "What the heck is taking my mom so long to get here!?" All I know is that I am so grateful she did take forever. I mean, how else would I have learned that her dad has the biggest muscles because he eats healthy food like mac-n-cheese and hot cereal or that she recently was able to ride on a pink horse with a bright pink tail?
And speaking of bright pink....We seem to have an endless supply of red velvet cupcakes in this house.


Sarie said...

That last picture is great! What a cutie. Love the new organization.

Angie said...

Hey "Auntie Spice" - come visit my spice cupboard! you should definetly leave that cupboard open for awhile!

Emma said...

I think Sophie's face might be more horrendous than the mess she made.
Emma Kuykendall

Anonymous said...

I think sophie's face is more horrendous than the mess she made.
Emma Kuykendall